So Maybe This Was Caitlyn Jenner's Only Hat?

Days after denouncing Trump's trans ban, Jenner sported a MAGA cap.

Caitlyn Jenner appeared to lay any doubts about her support for President Donald Trump to rest this week by wearing a red hat bearing the president’s “Make America Great Again” slogan.

The 67-year-old transgender icon and former Olympian was spotted by TMZ wearing the hat in Los Angeles Thursday.

The photograph, which since appeared in People, The Hollywood Reporter and The Daily Beast, had received over 800 likes and 540 retweets by Friday afternoon. Many of the responses blasted Jenner, who is a Republican, for continuing to back Trump a week after the president announced that he was banning transgender service members from the U.S. military. 

“She is horrific. I suspect the only transgender issues she cares about are HER issues,” one person wrote on Twitter. Another added: “I will always stand with LBGT community! Have no idea what is wrong with her! She should be ashamed!”

The move is particularly eyebrow-raising, given that Jenner did take Trump to task over his trans military ban. Just hours after the president announced the controversial ban July 26, Jenner tweeted: 

Later that same day, she clarified her thoughts in a lengthy blog post on her web site, writing, “I believe every American should be outraged by the disrespect shown to those people wearing our country’s uniform.” 

“Over the past two years I have met the most inspiring trans people, and I can testify to the trans community’s incredible resilience and perseverance in the face of enormous discrimination and hate,” she added. “We are strong, we are beautiful, and we will win.”

Though Jenner was an outspoken supporter of Trump during the 2016 election, she’s been critical of the president in recent months, particularly in regard to his stance on LGBTQ issues. She appeared to distance herself from the current administration in an April interview with People. “My loyalties lie with my community and not with the Republican party,” she said, “and not with Donald Trump.”  

In July, Jenner told “The View” she’d met with members of Trump’s cabinet on LGBTQ issues privately as she’d been “been disappointed in a few ways” with the president’s stance on the queer rights, but didn’t offer any specifics. 

“The Republicans need help,” she said, “and I’m there to help them.” 

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