Caitlyn Jenner Makes First Public Appearance At NYC Pride

Caitlyn Jenner looked all sorts of gorgeous at New York City Pride on Sunday.

Jenner attended a Pride party at the PH-D Lounge at the Dream Downtown Hotel and was met by a cheering crowd, according to E! News. The reality star, who donned a white top and skirt for the event hosted by Jared Needle and Voss Productions, took photos with attendees and danced from her spot in a VIP area.

She was filming for her upcoming E! series, "I Am Cait," set to premiere on July 26.

Trans actress and performer Candis Cayne toasted Jenner and dedicated her performance of "I Am A Woman" to the 65-year-old, according to TMZ.

"You could tell she was touched by the love and pride of the performance and attendees," Dane Steele Green, whose company, Steele Luxury Travel, collaborated on the event, told ETonline. "She showed grace and beauty and represented what this weekend is all about. Caitlyn was definitely feeling it -- yet kept to herself and just genuinely enjoyed the afternoon."

Jenner came out as transgender in an April special with Diane Sawyer for ABC's "20/20."

"Honestly, since the Diane Sawyer piece, every day it’s like, it’s exciting to go to the mailbox ... Because I get letters every day from all of these people from all over the world," she told Vanity Fair. "I’ve gotten a lot from trans women, and telling their story and telling how excited they were to see the Diane piece. And so for non-trans people, just regular people who watched the games and now they see this, they’re just so proud of you."

"But I so appreciate those things. I mean, I read every one of them, a lot of them I answer," she continued. "In fact, the other night I got a letter from a trans woman in New York and she had so many interesting things to say, but at the end she left her telephone number, so I called her."



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