Caitlyn Jenner Gets Emotional In Vanity Fair Doc On Her Cover Story

Caitlyn Jenner gets emotional in a new 10-minute documentary that takes a behind-the-scenes look at what went into the making of her Vanity Fair cover story. 

The video, which features never-before-seen footage from Jenner's photo shoot,  Vanity Fair editor-in-chief Graydon Carter detailed how the magazine kept the story and the photo shoot under wraps until it went live on June 1

"We brought in the security that we use for the Oscar party, for the White House Correspondents' Dinner," Carter explained. "We had security at the photo shoot, security at the printer. It was a way of showing that a magazine cover works and that we could use the Internet, rather than fight the Internet." 

Meanwhile, Jenner said keeping the shoot a secret wasn't easy. 

"I've basically been inside this house for the last three months. I haven't really left," Jenner revealed. "It's difficult because I can't go out and be seen by the paparazzi, they're literally sitting down there."

She added, "I would wear sweatshirts with hoods on them so paparazzi can't get pictures. And if my fingernails were polished, it was just hell … It was really, really tough on me."

While the buildup to the photo shoot was trying for Jenner, the payoff seems to be worth it. 

"They put this mirror up behind me when I was doing the shoot, I had this rocking black outfit on, a formal outfit, and I kind of from a distance looked in the mirror and I go, 'Oh my god,'" she explained. "It's the first time I'd ever really seen an image of me -- of who I am -- I mean, over-the-top better than I thought it would ever be, especially at my age." 

Jenner went on to say that seeing that image of herself was very "powerful." 

She added, "I kind of looked down and said 'You know what, this is going to work. We're going to be okay with this.' So yeah, we move forward. I am so excited about the future." 

Head over to Vanity Fair for their cover story on Caitlyn Jenner. 


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