How To Make Pancakes Out Of Cake Batter, AKA The Most Fun Breakfast Of All Time

Cake Batter Pancakes Make Every Morning Feel Like Your Birthday

Toss the bananas. Skip the chocolate chips. Hold the whipped cream. The pancake upgrade you've been dreaming of lies in two beautiful words: cake batter.

This is not a drill. Pancakes made with cake mix are a very real phenomenon, and they belong on your breakfast table immediately.

cake batter pancakes

These puppies are exactly what they sound like: pancakes made with cake mix. You can add in sprinkles to make them really festive, and if you really want to go the extra mile, you can make a glaze to pour on top instead of using maple syrup. Food blog How Sweet It Is recommends a glaze made with powdered sugar, milk, vanilla extract and sprinkles, because what's a cake batter pancake without some icing? Incomplete, that's what.

If this breakfast treat isn't new to you, we hope you've been making it regularly. If you're just discovering cake batter pancakes now, well, it's time to start making up for lost time.

Get the Cake Batter Pancakes recipe from How Sweet It Is

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