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Cake Fix: What To Do When It Sticks To The Pan

Step one: Don't panic.

Maybe you forgot to grease your cake pan. Maybe you simply greased it improperly, with the wrong ingredients, such as salted butter (unsalted works best). Regardless of why it happened, your cake is stuck to its cake pan, and hours of mixing, baking and toiling over your masterpiece are about to be wasted on a crumbly, if tasty, mess.

Not so fast! There's an easy, sure-fire way to fix this problem, and it doesn't involve any strange, expensive utensils. According to WikiHow, all you need to salvage your creation are water and a dishcloth.

First, dip the dish cloth in water. The temperature is irrelevant. Next, wring out the cloth. Then, wrap the cloth around the base of the cake pan. Proceed by shaking the pan gently until the cake loosens in the pan and releases itself.

See? It's as easy as pie! Er, cake.

There are a slew of other suggestions, including placing your cake pan on a cold rag, or loosening the edges with a knitting needle rather than a knife. Still, we think the method described above is your best bet. Happy baking!

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