Cake GIFs That'll Make You Want To Stuff Cake In Your Face

We have GIFs to prove it.

There are many kinds of love. Romantic love, brotherly love, sisterly love, platonic love, the kind of love you feel when you see someone buy someone else a coffee for no reason, the kind of love you feel when you accomplish something you wanted to that day, and -- perhaps most importantly for our purposes today -- there is cake love. Let's go on a quick journey together, the best way we know how: in cake GIFs.

We got you some cake.
No, we mean A LOT of cake.
Not because we think you're particularly great, or particularly not great.
But because cake is love.
And we all deserve love/cake as often as possible.
We leveled it perfectly.
We frosted it with care.
And we cut ourselves a teeny tiny slice, just to make sure it was good enough to serve to you.
You want candles? Okay, let's do candles!
Blow 'em out! You're great and we hope you have a fantastic day.
It's possible that you might feel like doing this to it instead of eating it.
That's fine, it's your cake, do what you want. But look how good it looks.
When someone makes you a cake, they take a lot of time and care and love to do it.
Which, by the transitive property (or something) means that cake is love.
And love is cake.
So, what we're trying to say is...

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