Cal EnviroScreen Tool Finds 3 Of Top 10 Most Polluted Zip Codes Are In LA Area (VIDEO)

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Los Angeles has three of the top 10 most polluted zip codes in California: East LA, Vernon and Baldwin Park.

That's according to a new interactive map released by the California Environmental Protection Agency Tuesday.

By zooming in on the map, Californians can see how different zip codes are ranked. The remaining seven zip codes on the top 10 list are all in San Joaquin Valley, which is in Central California.

Language, race and poverty make a place vulnerable to pollution. Therefore, it's not surprising that East LA, which is 97 percent Latino and where one in four live below the poverty line, scores lowest in the vulnerability category, NBC reports.

The interactive tool, called CalEnviroScreen 1.0, was created to identify environmentally-disadvantaged communities. A recent California law requires 25 percent of proceeds from cap and trade auctions to go to those communities, KPCC reports.

Another study, the American Lung Association's annual State of the Air report Wednesday, found that seven of the top ten most air polluted U.S. cities are in California. Specifically in regards to ozone, LA tops the list with the worst ozone pollution in the country for the 13th time in the 14 years the report has been issued.

Click through the slideshow below to see the top 10 most polluted California zip codes.

Top 10 Polluted CA Zip Codes