Cal Defensive Lineman Fakes Injury Against Oregon (VIDEO)

According to John Hunt of The Oregonian, a source within the California Golden Bears football team confirmed that "a big part" of their defensive strategy against the Oregon Ducks on Saturday was to fake injuries in order to stop their up-tempo offense.

However, Cal coach Jeff Tedbord denied the allegations. "I know any time anybody goes down against Oregon, (Duck fans) always think that's the case, but it's not the case,'' Tedford reportedly said.

Hunt wrote that Dave Cutaia, the coordinator of officials for the Pacific-10 Conference, said that there is nothing an official can do.

"The only thing an official can do - and this is at every level - is if they see what looks like an injury, they have to stop the clock," Cutaia reportedly said. "We can't get in the business of deciding whether it's valid or not.''

Scroll down to watch the video.

WATCH: (Via Dr. Saturday)

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