Calculus 'Thrift Shop' Parody: Teens' Hilarious Macklemore Cover For School Project (VIDEO)

'Thrift Shop' Math Rap Will Make Your Day (VIDEO)

In what is described on YouTube as "the most amazing calculus project ever," three awesome teens made their own hilarious, calculus-themed version of the hit song "Thrift Shop."

Using phrases like, "What you know about rotating on an axis? What you know about finding mins and maxes?" and "One man's graph, that's another man's sum up," they highlight important calc terms while staying (vaguely) true to Macklemore's original song.

We've seen other "Thrift Shop" parodies before -- like back in April when one couple rewrote the lyrics to spread the news about their engagement -- but this one might take the cake.

A+ work, guys.

For more epic math raps, check out the slideshow below.

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