Caleb Teodorescu, Arizona 2-Year-Old, Doing Fine After Heart Stops Beating For Half An Hour

Arizona 2-Year-Old Doing Fine After Heart Stops Beating For Half An Hour

On Nov. 25, 2-year-old Caleb Teodorescu technically died after being found face-down in the family swimming pool. The Phoenix toddler's heart had stopped beating for anywhere from 30 to 40 minutes, according to various news reports, and he wasn't breathing when his mother got him out of the swimming pool.

A neighbor administered CPR to the boy, but it didn't work to restore his heartbeat or breathing. Teodorescu was then rushed to the hospital, The Arizona Republic reported.

"He quite literally died outside the hospital," Dr. Corey Philpot, a pediatric critical care physician at the Banner Thunderbird Medical Center, told ABC News.

But now just a couple weeks later, Teodorescu has made a full recovery, with no brain injury or other medical problems, ABC News reported.

The Arizona Republic reported that doctors initially thought it would take anywhere between six months to a year for Teodorescu to recover, and that he might have to be sedated for up to a month.

ABC 15 reported:

Doctors told Caleb's parents, Ovy and Mihaela Teodorescu that their son would likely never be the same. Victims of near drownings usually suffer life-altering brain damage due to the lack of oxygen and blood flow. Some victims end up in a comatose state and depend on machines and constant care for the rest of their lives.

But a week after the incident, Caleb was able to move and speak again, according to the Arizona Republic.

"It's just amazing, the best Christmas miracle you could get," dad Ovi Teodorescu told MyFoxPhoenix. "You call someone like that dead. And he's alive today, and not only that he's alive, he has no disabilities, he talks, he walks."

Last year, 2-year-old Gore Otteson's heart stopped for an hour after he fell into water in an irrigation ditch in Colorado, MSNBC reported. Just like Teodorescu, Otteson made a full recovery even after being in the water for 25 minutes.

"I thought I had lost him," his mother Amy Otteson told TODAY. "I thought for almost an hour that he was dead."

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