Calendaring to Take Back Control

Your calendar is not meant to be a thundercloud, it's meant to be a gentle breeze, a tool for you to use to maximize the joy in your life. So the first step to take is to find a calendar format that suits your working style, whether you enjoy a calendar on the wall or prefer to use an online calendar. Whatever you choose, make sure it feels easy and pleasant to work with -- especially if you are daunted by calendars. For example, I like to use Todoist. This is an excellent website, with great design that really works for me.

When you go to fill out your calendar, I encourage you to just get it all out there first. Don't try to sort and categorize until it's all out there -- whether on paper or on the computer. Once everything is written down or entered in, then you can go back and sort your tasks and place them in the appropriate times. I am also a fan of color-coding, another fun thing you might want to play with. Maybe put your priority items in your favorite bright color so you associate a pleasant color with them. Have fun and be creative!

We became entrepreneurs because we love our freedom and we want to do what we want, when we want, right? Your calendar is a cool tool that can make that happen for you. Get creative with how your calendar looks. Treat yourself to a nice day planner, if you like to write things down, or research and check out all the various amazing app's there are for your phone. Google calendars are really popular, as they can synch up with your email and phone calendars.

There are all kinds of nifty calendar management websites and platforms available to play with online while you find the best one for your needs. By making your calendar a pleasing space to spend time in, whether on paper or online, you'll be more willing to refer to it, keep it updated, and, ultimately, let it help you stay on track with your commitments.

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