Leila Boroughs, 84, From California Leaves $400,000 Condo To Homeless In Her Will

Before Leila Boroughs died at the age of 84, the San Francisco, Calif., woman decided to leave her greatest possession to people she had never met.

The former nurse left in her will her $400,000 condo to the homeless, asking for it to be turned into a shelter, NBC Bay Area reports.

Boroughs, who never married and lived alone, said she didn't have close relatives to whom she could leave the estate. She specified that if the 525-square-foot condo wasn't suitable for a shelter, the city could sell it and use the money to fight homelessness, the news source reported.

At this point, the Golden State Good Samaritan is still a bit of a mystery.

“The city doesn’t know a whole lot about her,” said Trent Rhorer, director of San Francisco’s Department of Human Services, told NBC. “She wanted to give her estate to help one of the biggest causes which I guess for her was homeless folks.”

Earlier this month, the Board of Supervisors for the City and County of San Francisco decided they would sell her apartment. Jayne Crum, director of the agency's housing and homeless division, estimates the property value is about $400,000, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

Boroughs purchased the condo in 1983 -- paying just $100,000 at the time, the San Francisco Examiner reports.

Boroughs isn't the only woman from the woman from California with a desire to help the homeless.

Earlier this month Elinor Sauerwein of Modesto left a staggering $1.7 million to the Salvation Army when she died at age 96. All funds were to be used specifically for combatting homelessness in Modesto.

Sauerwein, who had lived a very modest and frugal life, surprised friends and neighbors with the amount of money she had to give. Even the Salvation Army was stunned.

"Oh I stared at it for awhile," Salvation Army Modesto Capt. Michael Paugh told ABC, "then I took a picture of it with my phone."

Feeling inspired? Check out ways to volunteer or donate through the Salvation Army, here.