California Gubernatorial Candidates Floats 'Pedophile Island' Idea

Sometimes the best way to launch an obscure candidacy into the national spotlight is to make a completely absurd suggestion.

That's exactly what relative unknown Douglas Hughes, a Republican candidate for California Governor, did recently when he laid out a plan to create a "Pedophile Island," a place that he hopes will become "a self supporting community for pedophiles and sexual offenders."

"Pedophile Island" is certainly Hughes' most well thought out proposal to "remove all pedophiles from the State of California" -- his others are simply for them to "remain in prison for life" or "leave our State of California permanently." But for "Pedophile Island," Hughes has mapped out an entire blueprint that includes the creation of infrastructure, housing and a system of governance.

First of all, Santa Rosa Island, the location that he hopes to make a sex offender haven, is visited only by "Park Rangers or environmentalists" and hence, it's current maintenance is a "waste of taxpayer's money," Hughes says.

With an ideal location for the establishment of this self-sustaining community -- Hughes then lays out the plans for implementation:

The first of pedophiles to go to the island would be a lead team for "their society" such as police, fire personnel, judges, fish and game agents, forest rangers, ranchers, farmers, building contractors, surveyors, and the like to establish the "Island" community. This lead team will be responsible for creating a master plan for the "Island. The "Island's" master plan will include the construction of city hall, a medical facility, water department, police and fire departments, as well as provide for the farm, ranch and housing areas.

Now that the community's founding fathers are aboard the island, Hughes says they will need to draft a charter to determine the rule of law:

The "Island" pedophiles will write their own "Island" constitution. The constitution will be reviewed for any improvements by a State of California department to be formed to oversee the "Island". This will all occur until enough pedophiles have moved to the "Island" making the "Island" community self-sufficient. This "Island" will represent a way of life that has long since been forgotten: one in which our forefathers came to this land with a wagon, some animals, seed, and tools, looking for water and land to build their lives around.

The final catch: Once a pedophile goes to the island, they will never be allowed to leave, Hughes says.

As strange as it might appear, Hughes seems to be embracing his position as the "stop child rape" candidate for California governor. The heading of his website reads "Why I Need Your Vote: Pedophile Removal Stops Child Rape," and his platform is defined as "STOP CHILD RAPE and BRING JOBS TO CALIFORNIA."