California Saga: The Beach Boys' Kids Form A Cover Band

Like fathers like sons. And daughters.

While the Beach Boys are currently enjoying a massive 50th anniversary tour around North America, a bunch of their kids have started a tribute band of their own, and they're all performing together in perfect familial harmony.

"California Saga" is made up of Brian Wilson's daughters Carnie and Wendy (AKA members of Wilson Phillips), Mike Love's son Christian and his daughter Ambha, Carl Wilson's son Justyn, Dennis Wilson's son Carl, and Al Jardine's sons Matt and Adam. On June 2 they performed live for the first time at the Beach Boys' Los Angeles tour stop at the Hollywood Bowl and on July 10 they will perform again at L.A's Grammy Museum.

Carnie Wilson recently told The Guardian that she hopes California Saga will actually step into a studio and record together, but for now she's just excited to be working on her dad's music.

They're focusing on more obscure songs from the band's back catalogue, rather than the big hits.

"The songs that we're doing are so f***ing beautiful, and so stunning, and the harmonies are so complex that it's taking an enormous amount of effort to make them just right," she said.

It's a regular family reunion. But all vibrations might not be good in Beach Boys land. Mike Love, who has had extensive trouble with Brian Wilson in the past, leading to court appearances and past tensions, recently scheduled more Beach Boys dates for the fall, and neglected to inform Wilson.

According to Rolling Stone, Love booked a few South American dates with his own "touring version" of the Beach Boys, which doesn't include the groups' founding members.

Still, the most famous surfers in rock history are riding high off their sold-out tour and critically acclaimed album, "That's Why God Made The Radio," which debuted at number three on the Billboard album charts, a record position for the band.

Watch their newest music video for "That's Why God Made The Radio:"