California: Santa Monica City Council To Review Bill Allowing Two Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Correction: This post was originally published with an inaccurate headline that took for granted the bill's passage. This was an editor's mistake and we regret the error.

A bill that would allow a total of two medical marijuana dispensaries to setup shop in Santa Monica, California has been presented to the members of city council for review.

The language of the legislation in question, which is slated to be officially reviewed by the city council beginning on December 11, is laden with limitations designed to restrict the locations of the two dispensaries. Not only are the two businesses restricted to the maximum size of 2,500 feet in square footage, but they must also be located within the city's Healthcare District, which is demarcated as the expanses surrounding the UCLA Medical Center, Santa Monica and Saint John's Health Center.

Furthermore, the two medical marijuana dispensaries that would be permitted must be positioned at least 500 feet away from a school, park, daycare center or library, and said businesses must be within at least 1,000 feet away from one another.

According to previous reports, the city council has been at odds on this particular topic in the past, claiming that Santa Monica residents could easily traverse to a neighboring municipality to purchase their supply of marijuana. Two?! Well, I guess two is still better than none.

If you're a medical marijuana patient residing in the Santa Monica area and would like to see this bill succeed, do your part by becoming actively involved. Exercise your freedoms and let your voice be heard! Stay with The 420 Times for any updates on this issue and for all your marijuana community news.

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