California Officially Declared May 4 'Star Wars Day' — Then Yoda Appeared

California lawmakers voted to honor Disneyland's massive "Star Wars"-themed addition, Galaxy's End.

The force is strong with the Golden State.

California’s state Legislature voted on Thursday to officially declare May 4, this Saturday, as “Star Wars Day.”

For “Star Wars” fans across the country, May 4 has become synonymous with the film franchise’s iconic phrase, “May the force be with you,” which has been transformed to: “May the Fourth be with you.”

To celebrate the declaration, Disney brought a giant hot-air balloon shaped like Yoda’s head to the state Capitol building in Sacramento. A couple stormtroopers were also spotted at the Capitol. They even posed for a picture with state Sen. Nancy Skinner (D).

Democratic Assemblyman Tom Daly introduced the resolution in honor of Disneyland’s newest attraction set to open later this month, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

The “Star Wars”-themed park will cover 14 acres, bringing the film franchise’s most beloved characters and otherworldly backdrops to life.

Daly said that Disneyland’s newest addition is the largest single-site expansion in the park’s history.

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