California Has Never Looked Better Than In This Time-Lapse Video

In case you needed a reminder of the diversity of California's landscape, this time-lapse video ought to do the trick.

Photographer Ryan Killackey’s ‘Imagine California’ is a stunning three-minute portrait of California made from hundreds of thousands of photos of the state’s natural wonders and concrete jungles. The result may have you running from your desk in search of the nearest hot air balloon.

The video is the first of three in Killackey's series for the state’s Visit California resource. The project took nearly a year to complete and features 300,000 photos and three original music scores by musician Art Pacheco.

The series is a follow-up to his last ode to the golden state, "A Day In California." The video’s success inspired him to abandon his medical career and focus on bringing joy to people with photography.

“I think it is easy to focus on the politics of California, and the traffic, and the taxes. It's so easy to forget just how beautiful this state is,” the Southern California native told The Huffington Post in 2011. “There's simply nothing like it.”



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