This California Couple's Tiny House Redefines What It Means To Have A 'Dream Home' (PHOTOS)

LOOK: This Tiny House Redefines What It Means To Have A 'Dream Home'

In today's day and age it's pretty much become a standard practice to equate dream homes with McMansions and sprawling estates. However, one California couple's dream home suggests an alternative to this dream -- both in size and in price tag.

For just $30,000, 31-year-old web designer Alek Lisefski built a tiny house for himself and his girlfriend Anjali on an 8-by-12 foot flatbed trailer. (The cost includes money spent on the trailer, tools, supplies and appliances.) And the best part? Not only does it have plenty of room for their dog, Anya, but it's portable as well so Lisefski could avoid the minimum square footage requirements most municipalities have for permanent structures.

Currently stationed in the backyard of a house in Sebastopol, Calif. that the homeowners listed on Craigslist, Lisefski's home took about a year to build and was dubbed "The Tiny Project." While the couple does do some yard work as a form of minor payment, they at least have access to the city’s water supply and have achieved their goal of living a more sustainable, somewhat minimalist lifestyle.

"While living in a such a small house, my space, and in turn each area of my life, will be simpler, less chaotic, and free from all but what is essential," he noted on the introduction of his blog.

He continued by saying that it all sounds "really great" to him -- and while it's certainly not a lifestyle for everyone's taste, at least it looks "really great" to others.

California Couple's Tiny Dream Home

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