California Weed Industry Worth $31 Billion Per Year

California's Weed Industry Is Worth HOW Much?

Whether you support it or not, marijuana in sunny California is certainly bringing in the big bucks.

Josh Harkinson, a senior reporter at Mother Jones, joined HuffPost Live to reveal just how much green this green is bringing into the state. Harkinson recently wrote a piece extolling all the unknown truths about marijuana farming across the country. When he spoke to HuffPost Live's Ricky Camilleri, he revealed just how much California's budding bush is worth:

"If you assume that only about 10 percent of marijuana grown in California is actually seized by authorizes, then that leaves behind about 10 million plants, which are worth about $31 billion a year, which is basically more than the combined value of California’s ten largest agricultural commodities. So, in short, pot in California and in the Emerald Triangle is huge."

Watch the full conversation about what pot is doing to our environment below.

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