The Terrifying Beauty Of California's Wildfires Captured In Stunning New Time-Lapse Video

"I wanted to show what we are up against right now."

California's five-year drought created the perfect conditions for massive wildfires, which have left behind stunning and heartbreaking images of devastation.

Filmmaker Jeff Frost has been documenting these fires, and just released a time-lapse video that reveals the raw power of nature at its hottest. 

"I wanted to show what we are up against right now, let alone down the road when global warming intensifies heat and drought which will further exacerbate wildfires," Frost told National Geographic. 

Last year, Frost documented his escape from a wildfire in a HuffPost blog, and included a time-lapse video of his drive out of the area after the worst of the blaze had passed.

"It felt like I was taking a drive through Dante’s Inferno," he wrote. 



California Wildfires