Californians Moving: Census Survey Shows Californians Moving To Texas, Arizona, Washington, Nevada And Other States

More Californians Fleeing Than Ever Before

In a recent report, the US Census Bureau reveals that Californians are leaving California at a faster rate than residents leaving any other state.

The Census found that Americans are changing residences at a record low rate--11.6 percent between 2010 and 2011. That's down from 20.2 percent in 1985 and the lowest the rate's been since the Census Current Population Survey started collecting the statistic in 1948.

And yet, while fewer Americans are moving, many of those who are moving are Californians leaving the golden state. According to the survey, four of the top-ten most common state-to-state moves between 2009 and 2010 were from California:

California to Texas (68,959 movers)

California to Arizona (47,164)

California to Washington (39,468)

California to Nevada (35,472)

The move from California to Texas was the number one largest national state-to-state move, with a significant lead above the number two largest move (New York to Florida - 55,011 movers). Four years earlier, one of the largest national moves was, as it is today, California to Arizona (85,497).

According to the report, when people moved 500 or more miles, it was usually for employment reasons (cited by 44 percent of those surveyed). When the move was less than 50 miles, it was usually for housing reasons (cited by 40 percent of those surveyed).

As CBS reports, California's lack of jobs, high housing prices and high business taxes are also likely reasons why the state's population more closely resembles 1900 than the 1950's boom when Americans flocked to the state.

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