Call Lou Dobbs! Canadians Are Walking Amongst You, Undetected

So! Today Canadians are big news! Gawker picked up an item from Shinan Govani's column in the National Post (which is basically the Canadian version of Page Six, except without the shakedown allegations), about a supposed clash between New Yorker contributor/Tipping Point author Malcolm Gladwell and Wired columnist/Slate/NY/NYT mag contributor Clive Thompson, who recently wrote a profile for Fast Company about a Columbia professor who has attacked Gladwell's theory of influentials and how their Hush Puppy-wearing proclivities can start massive trends. Shinan, God love him, picked up on as much dramarama as he could (even though Thompson actually wrote about another person who had a beef with Gladwell, and a scientific, data-based one at that), and quoted a snippy little tattler who claimed that Thompson was secretly jealous of Gladwell; Thompson, maybe one of the nicest and most jolly writers I know in New York, responded by saying that, hell yeah he was jealous of Malcolm Gladwell, who freaking wasn't? See his typically cheery response as follows:

You got it totally wrong. I'm not secretly jealous of Malcolm Gladwell. I'm *openly* jealous of Malcolm Gladwell! Indeed, pretty much any science writer with a pulse these days is possessed of a curdled, corroded envy for Gladwell that poisons our every waking moment. I've got it bad.

In reality, I'm also cravenly *thankful* to the guy, because he singlehandedly created this entire new industry of 8,000-word magazine thinkpieces about science -- thus creating the entire journalistic subgenre into which I have gleefully inserted myself. Woo!

(Anyone who has ever received an email from Thompson or read his excellent science/tech blog will probably recognize the signature "Woo!," not to be confused with his signature "Woot!")

O-kay! So that's that. Gawker's point was, heyyy, there are lots of Canadians here in the New York media! Then Gawker writer Alex Pareene goes on to list a paltry few, requesting help in filling in the blanks. Well, Pareene, you weren't even a 20-year-old NYU dropout when I first posted a non-exhaustive but quite exhausting list of Canucks in the media back on Canada Day, 2005 at FishbowlNY, so you're forgiven for missing the many, many others on the list. Also, our thing is to look like you, smell like you, sound like you (except for the odd "oot") and be smarter than you, because trust us, otherwise it's very very hard to get a visa. So for everyone's edification, and because it damn well stood to be updated, we've prepared a more complete, less out-of-date version, including but not limited to CNN's John Roberts, NBC News' Kevin Tibbles, The Daily Show's Samantha Bee and Jason Jones, Fortune's Richard Siklos, the NYT's Lorne Manly, Bruce Headlam and Paul Tough, NY1's Pat Kiernan, MSNBC's Jackie Meretzky, Teen Vogue Market Editor Joanna Hillman and Celine Dion, who makes every list about Canada, ever.

Ever-evolving list of Canadian media machers in New York after the jump, in alphabetical order because we're just that organized. Please note that in Canada, the alphabet starts with "eh."

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Canadians in New York Media

An Evolving List About Which You Are Welcome To Correct Me

Samantha Bee, correspondent, The Daily Show
Susanne Craig, business reporter, The Wall Street Journal
Manuela Badawy, Emerging Markets reporter, Treasury desk, Reuters
Ashleigh Banfield, Court TV
Conrad Black, media mogul, columnist and, er, something else
Laura Blue, reporter, Time Canada
Suzanne Boyd, former EIC, the former-Suede Magazine
Shirley Brady, senior writer, CableWorld Magazine
Anthony Brown, writer, Adweek Magazine
Tyler Brule, editor and founder, Monocle (in the UK but he's very cosmopolitan)
Graydon Carter, EIC, Vanity Fair
Susanne Craig, business writer, Wall Street Journal
Subrata De, producer, NBC Nightly News
Cory Doctorow, Tech maven, Boing Boing
Jonathan Durbin, contributor, Paper Magazine
Serena French, Fashion editor, NY Post
David Frum, Columnist,National Review
Bonnie Fuller, Editorial Director, American Media
Chris Gailus, Evening Anchor, FOX 5 News; host & reporter, Good Day New York
Michael Gelman, Executive Producer, Live with Regis & Kelly
Malcom Gladwell
, writer, The New Yorker
Robert Goldkind, Wall Street Reporter
Adam Gopnik, writer and star baseball player, The New Yorker
Susannah Gora, Freelance Journalist (Elle, Variety, VH1, Premiere Magazine etc.) (married to Canadian)
Alison Gregor, Freelance Writer (Canadian Press, Glamour, CJR etc.)
Stephen Handelman, Time Magazine, author and journalist,
Bruce Headlam, business editor, New York Times
Richard Hetu, La Presse, NY Correspondent
Laurie Hibberd, Producer, CBS -The Early Show
Joanna Hillman, Market Editor, Teen Vogue
Simon Houpt, NY Arts Correspondent, The Globe and Mail
Dale Hrabi, Editor at Large, Radar
Gary Kanofsky, Senior Producer, CNBC
Jeffrey Kaufman, correspondent, ABC News
Pat Kiernan, morning anchor, NY1
Sheelah Kolhatkar, Portfolio
Peter Jennings, anchor, ABC World News Tonight. Warmly remembered.
Jason Jones, correspondent, The Daily Show
Vivian Lee, Reporter, WNBC, New York
Bonnie LeFave, Producer, NPR, Leonard Lopate Show
Mark Lukasiewicz, SVP Digital, NBC News
Dahlia Lithwick, Legal Editor, Slate
Glynnis MacNicol, contributor, Huffington Post, Maclean's
Lorne Manly, writer, New York Times
Rachel Marsden
, formerly of Fox News (and stuff)
Samantha Marshall, Health Reporter, Crain's
Shawn McCarthy, New York Bureau Chief, The Globe and Mail
Duff McDonald, contributing editor, Portfolio
Bruce McCall, The New Yorker
Tim McKeough, contributor, Toronto Star, Ottawa Citizen
Jackie Meretzky, meteorologist, MSNBC
Nina Munk, contributor, Vanity Fair (and big-time dog lover)
Rebecca Myers, Associate Editor, Time Canada
Michelle Orange, film critic, The Reeler
Chris Reese, Writer, Reuters - Treasury Desk
Ryan Reynolds, Actor and Huffington Post blogger, baby
Karen Richardson, Columnist, Wall Street Journal, Money & Investing
John Roberts, Anchor, CNN "American Morning"
George Russell, Executive Editor, FOX News
Morley Safer, correspondent, "60 Minutes" on CBS
Dan Senor, Special Correspondent, Fox News
Richard Siklos, writer, Fortune
Gail Simmons, Judge, Top Chef; Special Projects Editor, Food & Wine Magazine
Rachel Sklar, Media Editor, Huffington Post
Diane Solway, Professor, Columbia School of Journalism
Adam Sternbergh, senior editor, New York Magazine
Mark Steyn, Contributor, National Review
Jennifer Szalai, Editor, Reviews section, Harper's
Chris Taylor, Freelance Journalist (Smart Money Magazine)
Kevin Tibbles, correspondent, NBC News
Mimi Tompkins, Freelance Journalist & Producer, CBC Radio/Bravo etc.
Clive Thompson, contributor, New York/NYT magazines, Slate, Wired etc.
Paul Tough, staff editor, The New York Times Magazine
Ali Velshi, senior business correspondent, CNN
Pamela Wallin, former Canadian Consul-General
Craig Wilson, Producer, CBS News
Mort Zuckerman, Publisher/EIC, NY Daily News; EIC, U.S. News & World Report

*Plus Norm Pearlstine's wife Jane Boon is Canadian, too. Plus Paul Anka, who will always be relevant, always.