Call Now: Verizon Wireless Sponsors Union-Busting Mountaintop Removal Rally?

Verizon and a British Lord are joining forces to deny climate change and fight unions.
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Verizon Wireless needs to reconsider its "Friends and Family" feature--or, even better, it should withdraw its support for Massey's Energy's outrageously bogus "Friends of America" rally on Labor Day Weekend.

Do 87 million Verizon Wireless customers, stockholders, and its Public Policy Development and Corporate Responsibility department know that their company is a co-sponsor of next week's climate-change-denying union-busting pro-mountaintop removal rally organized by Massey Energy in Logan, West Virginia? Here's the link.

(And what about Greenebaum Doll and McDonald, another sponsor, "a top 200 trademark law firm"--look for your most surprising sponsor.)

Does the Environmental Defense Fund, which recognized Verizon's Green Initiatives--to save energy, support solar and other renewable energy sources, and lower its greenhouse gas emissions--know that Verizon Wireless is sponsoring the featured speaker, Lord Christopher Monckton, a former science adviser to former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, who is one of the most infamous global warming-deniers?

On its Green Press kit site, Verizon touts "environmental stewardship is ingrained in Verizon's heritage, and the company prides itself on having a positive influence on the environment in which it operates." It provides links to solar energy and energy efficiency measures by various offices.

Does Verizon know that 500 mountains have been destroyed, historic communities devastated, and watersheds polluted by mountaintop removal--and that Massey Energy has worked aggressively to not only wipe out our nation's carbon sink of deciduous forests in Appalachia, but any attempts at renewable energy and development in the region: see Massey's role to strip mine the last ridge on Coal River Mountain and impede an incredible wind farm.

Do the Communication Workers of America, who represent Verizon technicians, know that the bogus "Friends of America" rally is a blatant anti-union event aimed at taking down the 71st annual United Mine Workers of America picnic, and that Massey Energy is defiantly anti-union?

So why is Verizon sponsoring this pro-mountaintop removal rally on a strip mine site?

Does Verizon support Massey Energy's ruthless mountaintop removal campaign and its infamous CEO Don Blankenship? Check out the ABC News report on Blankenship's campaign to bankroll the West Virginia courts:

During their 4th quarter 2008 Earnings Call last spring, Massey Energy executives crowed that "2008 was a very exciting and successful year for Massey, by many measures, the most successful in our history. As you know, we undertook a very aggressive expansion plan in late 2007, and our members executed that plan almost to perfection in 2008."

And then, in answering a question that 2010 guidance could produce 10% less, and have an impact the high head count, a Massey executive simply responded with the bottom line of profiteers: "I think the answer would be that we will be able to reduce the workforce with attrition fairly markedly," and, "we also will cut back on salaries."

Bottom line: Massey Energy profits up, jobs down.

For more in Massey, see SourceWatch.

And here's the Lord himself:

George Monbio debunked Monckton's anti-global warming thesis in the Guardian.

Bottom line: Verizon should withdraw their sponsorship of this bogus rally immediately; or, explain their support of mountaintop removal, climate change-denial and union-busting to its 87 million customers.

Call or text or email Verizon Wireless corporate leaders and let them know. Their CEO's email is, and his site is here.

Verizon HQ is here:

1 Verizon Way
Basking Ridge, NJ 07920-1097
(908) 559-7000

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