Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3: Better Than Black Ops?

Call Of Duty: Do Zombies Pwn Special Ops?

Who's excited about Modern Warfare 3's release? Between the above trailer featuring veteran and noobs Sam Worthington and Jonah Hill, and the 6,000 copies that were stolen last week -- which led to a fan uproar over whether the stats should be reset to prevent unfair advantages -- we'll say this has been a heavy-duty release in the COD franchise. And the numbers reflected the buzz: First-day sales are set to exceed a staggering 6.5 million units, beating last year's Black Ops sales of 5.6 million.

So, the question is: How is it? If you have your hands on a copy already, share your thoughts in the comments below. And for those of you still waiting, tell us, what are your expectations?

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