Lomorin Sar Says He Wasn't Serious About Bomb Threat Over 'Call Of Duty' Game

Unable to get his fix of virtual violence, one man had a hard time facing reality.

Police in Colorado say an avid gamer threatened to blow up an electronics store early Tuesday morning when the retailer did not have his pre-ordered video game.

Lomorin Sar of Aurora told 9News that he wasn't serious about his bomb threat, admitting that he used a "poor choice of words".

Sar also admitted he was shocked that the news spread so fast. Headlines called him a "Crazy guy" and a "Colorado idiot".

However Aurora Police Det. Bob Friel says police took the threat seriously, and that Sar was pulled over Tuesday morning and issued a summons for disorderly conduct. Witnesses at the Best Buy location in Aurora told police that Sar asked employees when they got off work and said he'd shoot them in the parking lot, but Sar denies that too saying that his taste for violence is only virtual.

Employees at the Aurora Best Buy location told authorities that they were "scared for their lives" when Lomorin Sar, 31, allegedly claimed he would shoot people in the parking lot if he could not purchase the military simulation game "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3," NBC affiliate 9-NEWS reports.

"Investigating officers issued a criminal summons to a man who threatened to carry out his own version of modern warfare at the electronics store. Fortunately, this situation did not end in violence," said Detective Bob Friel, according to the Aurora Sentinel.

The Best Buy manager said that Sar became irate, asking employees when they planned to leave so he could attack them outside the store, ABC affiliate 7-NEWS reports.

The Best Buy location remained open Tuesday past midnight so that loyal "Call of Duty" players could be the first to purchase copies of the new edition.

Police later pulled over Sar, driving away from the store in a black SUV, and charged him with disorderly conduct.



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