This Is A Call To Arms (Bring A Pen)

This is a call to arms -- and the ordnance is a pen. We need your vote. Truly - your vote is critical. It's much more essential than most of us could ever have imagined. In fact, your vote in this election could potentially be one of the most meaningful signatures you'll ever put to paper.

If you're as anxious as I am about this Election Day, then you're probably also feeling as if the very fabric of our common morality -- the morality we've collectively spun for a couple of hundred years to weave into the cloth of our everyday emotional and spiritual lives -- is beginning to fray and unravel.

How could our moral compass veer so terribly far from true North? We've used our shared ground of common decency to guide us in our United States democracy -- with varying levels of success --- since its inception. We, as a nation, are not perfect, it's true. We have much to be sorry for. Much to atone for. But there have always been those within our government who sought the high road, those who worked hard to bring about peace and tranquility, and a common humanity. We would be prudent to consider their wisdom now. Michelle Obama made mention of one tidbit of wisdom beautifully, as did President Obama. "Our Children are listening."

Speaking as a rather well-connected woman of 65 years of age, I've still managed to have a personal experience with the difficulties of sexual harassment, rape, gender inequalities, and the fight for women to keep our right to our own health care choices. I've been alongside women who fought hard for every single step-up on life's economic ladder -- which as you know, is skewed, and not in favor of women. I've been horrified over the course of this campaign, watching as many of those gains that we have fought for and thought we had won, are ostensibly at risk - again. God forbid. Now, it seems, it's all about the Supreme Court.

This election is unlike any other in my lifetime. Nobody is particularly happy about the choices. Why is that? I cannot explain it. I am happy with my choice. I've waited a long time for my choice. I know Hillary Clinton will be a rock-solid, strong and intelligent president. I know Hillary Clinton personally, and she is much more friendly, warm, loving, intelligent, compassionate and utterly wise than you could possibly know. On the campaign trail, it's tough to show the personal side to everyone. So be it. But just so you know, I'll share just one incident . When my father passed away almost two years ago, she called me and spoke to me for some time. She gave me the most loving, gentle, sweetest words of compassion from her heart. She cares. She had been through that kind of loss, so she knew how I was feeling.

Now, as Americans in a pivotal election, we're in a world of confrontation and negativity. People are getting the wrong information, and it's reprehensible. Words have been uttered, slurs have been slung, lies have been entered into the media narrative -- never to be erased, and nasty tag lines have been attached to decent individuals who did not deserve such dishonor. That's how contentious and polarized this election has become. That is how raucous and nasty this campaign has been. Enough. Find your moral compass. Trust me, it's that important.

We Americans need to remember that our country represents something significant to more than 193 other nations across the world. They look to us to provide a high moral ground, a sense of fundamental good and the embodiment of strength that comes from intelligence, experience and competence -- not pressure to build walls, or to yield to the will of a bully. We have built our history based on diplomacy, and many nations depend upon us to be true to our word.

The behavior displayed by Mr. Trump is despicable. It has gone out of control. I simply could not stand by in silence. The whole world is watching -- but more importantly, our kids are watching. What are we to say to them?

It has been a challenging time, but I'm not confused. I've already voted. And not surprisingly, I'm with Her! When you vote, I hope you recognize the candidate who has the grit and experience to be the leader of the greatest nation in the world. One who has a commitment to public service that spans decades. One who has had the benefit of being not only First Lady and Senator, but also, Secretary of State. I hope you choose the woman who has proven her intelligence, her commitment, and her abilities -- over a lifetime of public service -- one who has earned the respect of leaders the world over.

When you vote for Hillary Clinton, you'll be ushering in a monumental, perhaps life-altering change for all Americans. We will not only be able to fix some of the most broken things Americans face today, but we can finally break through one more hurdle that has held us back. We will have a representative of 50 percent of our population. A woman as president. And may I say, that men need not be afraid of that. Remember, you spend most of your life married to one of us, or chasing after one of us, or raising one of us. So be very glad.