Calle 13's 'El Aguante' Is A Toast To Humanity's Resilience (VIDEO)

Calle 13 doesn’t mince words in their new single, “El Aguante.”

The video for the song which basically means ‘to tolerate’ in English, was launched at the National Autonomous University of Mexico on Tuesday April 1.

Band members Residente and Visitante, met for nearly three hours with a group of college students to talk about music and social issues.

For the rest of world, lead singer Rene Perez, shared the video on Twitter with a Spanish comment that translates to “I leave you with our new video, ‘El Aguante’.”

Lyrics of the new single are pretty much what you would expect from the controversial urban group.

Outspoken words that make a strong statement, “El Aguante” is that and much more, focusing strictly on human resilience.

The four-minute song inspired by traditional Irish folk lists things that society has to put up with.

Calle 13 mentions just about everything that humanity has to tolerate, such as politics, religion, low wage, second-hand smoking, wars, natural disasters, education and even though we don’t want to, new laws.

Also adding to the list other issues such as the death of Jonh Lennon and Victor Jarra, the cold Arctic, the hot Tropic and dealing with pain although it hurts.

The message leads to the witty and sarcastic chorus, where the group simply toasts to human resilience.

“Por lo que fue y por lo que pudo ser (for what was and could’ve been)
Por lo que hay, por lo que puede faltar (for what we have, what could be missing)
Por lo que venga y por este instante (for what’s to come and for right now)
A brindar por el aguante!” (A toast to resilience!)

Powerful minds behind the lyrics also include Uruguayan Eduardo Galeano, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange and Cuban trova singer Silvio Rodriguez.

“El Aguante” is the second single off their recent album, “MultiViral,” which is under their independent label.

“The album is for sale, but if you have no money then illegally download it,” Perez said during his encounter with the university students in Mexico, reports El Universal.

“This is the proposal of our new label, which may go into bankruptcy soon.”

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