Calle 13 Isn't Separating, Residente Clarifies Group’s Recent Decision

"Separating myself from what I am is impossible."

René “Residente” Pérez wants to reassure fans that they haven’t seen the last of Calle 13.

The singer clarified on Monday that he and Eduardo “Visitante” Cabras, his stepbrother and bandmate, were not breaking up, after rumors of the group's separation began to swirl online.

Speculation that the Puerto Rican band was breaking up began after several outlets noticed that the bandmates were alluding via social media that Calle 13’s Toronto concert on Saturday had been their final performance. Pérez also recently changed his Twitter handle from @Calle13oficial to @Residente and announced the switch in a tweet saying, “new project, new name!.”

Pérez and Cabras released individual press statements on June 3 saying that they would be working on separate projects. Pérez's statement said that the duo was not breaking up.

“Calle 13 will never separate because on top of being a big family, it’s a concept in which I have left everything I am, and separating myself from what I am is impossible,” Pérez said in the press release.

For those still unsure about the future of the Puerto Rican duo who’ve been together for ten years -- and won nearly two dozen Latin Grammys and three Grammys -- Pérez set the record straight on Monday night.

“Why does the media keep saying that Calle 13 is separating? Working on alternate or parallel projects is not separating,” he tweeted in Spanish.

While Pérez has been vocal about the group staying together, Cabras has remained silent on the subject. In June, Pérez said in his press statement that he was about to embark on the most “ambitious project” of his career, while Cabras said in his statement that he will be working as a music producer with other collaborators.

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