Caller Reduces Glenn Beck To High-Pitched Hissy Fit

Nutlog Fox News Channel comedian Glenn Beck was apparently doing his radio show today, when he finally got so sick of what some caller was telling him about health care in the Netherlands that he went to his "death metal" place, angrily spitting envenomed barbs of invective back at the lady on the other line. It was crazy and growly and scary! But that was nothing! Mere seconds later, when the woman said something to the effect that Beck didn't care about people without health care, and yet he was cool with big bank bailouts, Beck somehow found a much higher level of TOTAL CRAZYSAUCE than ever before! Suddenly, Beck was emitting horrifying high-pitched shrieks, wailing, "GET OFF MY PHONE! GET OFF MY PHONE!" and a bunch of other terrifying stuff that only dogs can hear. Jeezy creezy the guy is just all messed up inside!


Of course, it's probably true that the woman had never tuned in to Beck's radio show before because, if she had, she would know that Beck really isn't a fan of the bank bailouts. She'd also know that his opinion on health care reform is basically limited to whining about that one time he went in for ass-surgery and barely survived to make a terrifying YouTube video in the style of the Blair Witch Project about how he had scary drugged-up visions that left him angry that the people who treated him at the hospital did not give him the rich-person compassion that he felt he deserved.

Anyway, Glenn Beck screaming like a cartoon mouse being stabbed in the scrotum with knitting needles is your new, terrifying ringtone. Warning: Once you listen to this clip, you can never un-listen to it.

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