Dog Plays With Calligraphy Ink Set While Owners Are Out, And It Doesn't End Well


A playful pooch is in the doghouse after it got hold of its owners' Chinese calligraphy ink set.

They returned home to find their pup had covered much of their floors with black-inked paw prints.

An Imgur user posted the photographs of an acquaintance's home to the picture-sharing service on Monday, alongside the caption, "A family went to movie for 3 hrs come back to this."

It's unclear exactly when and where the images were taken, but they're now going viral, with one of them alone garnering more than 2 million views.

The mucky pup did at least appear to have some respect for its owners' bed, leaving only a single inky paw print on the cover:

Fortunately, the ink was easily washed from the marble-like floors and the owners soon had their home looking like nothing had ever happened.

According to the Imgur user who posted the pictures, the ink is nontoxic to dogs or humans. The Huffington Post has reached out for more information.