Calling All New Yorkers! Tell Your Story!

Ann Coulter thinks New Yorkers "would immediately surrender" if attacked. We stood strong after 9-11 and the last thing we need is someone like Ann Coulter questioning our courage.

I think Ms. Coulter needs some help remembering the firemen charging into the burning towers, the lines of ordinary people waiting to give blood, or the volunteer crews working around the clock searching for survivors. If you live in New York, tell us your favorite story about the courage and toughness of your fellow New Yorkers. Just click the "post a comment" button to share your story.

And if you are not a New Yorker, send this post to your New York friends and encourage them to participate.

Let's see how many brave New York stories we can collect.

UPDATE: I will only post comments written by New Yorkers with a story to tell. If you want to comment on Coulter, Iraq, the media, etc. you can do it here.

UPDATE: Many of you have written in saying that Coulter is crazy and that New Yorkers have nothing to prove. I wish we could just ignore her but it is hard when she gets invited to be on mainstream news shows and is staring at you from the cover Time magazine. Somehow the Republican message machine has convinced the media that blue states are weak -- despite the fact that we are the ones who stand strong in the face of the terrorist threat. These New York stories set the record straight.

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