Calling All Policy Gurus

Calling All Policy Gurus
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We are tired of talking so much about lipstick and lapel pins. At OffTheBus - HuffPost's citizen-produced election coverage site - we are devoting the rest of September to covering the policy differences between Senators John McCain and Barack Obama. From millions of uninsured Americans to war in Iraq to financial woes, the next president will have to grapple with tough social, economic, and political issues. And that is why we need your help.

Are you a schoolteacher who can evaluate McCain and Obama's education policies? Or maybe a Wall Street trader who can analyze the candidates' economic proposals -- and responses to the worst financial meltdown since the Great Depression? An activist who's well-versed in civil rights, or an IT consultant who can give the low-down on tech policy?

Sign up to participate in our policy coverage. Tell us about your expertise - including professional experience - and an editor will be in touch on how you can contribute. Just fill out this form.

We aren't just looking for writers. We are also looking for people we should interview. We will feature your work here on OffTheBus and the best submissions on the Huffington Post homepage.

Don't have enough time to contribute this time? Join OffTheBus' email list, and we'll email you about other opportunities to publish here at HuffPost.

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