Calling All Successful Immigrants: Now is the Best Time to Fulfill Your American Dream

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Despite what is happening worldwide regarding immigration, as someone who has worked with hundreds of immigrants over the past few years, I will say irrevocably that the BEST time to pursue your American Dream is NOW.

Every day I talk to successful and ambitious immigrants who have big dreams, but yet are held back by the fear that they are not enough (even if they have PhDs!!)

While I will say that many have benefited from coaching on how to network, to position themselves on interviews, and learning how to sell their genius, many successful immigrants are held back by themselves more than anyone else.

Furthermore, the BEST way to change the situation for immigrants is to become the most successful version of yourself that you can be, so that you can be living the life that you want in America and to show to yourself that you have made your version of the dream happen.

Why do I say now is the best time to make your American Dream happen?

Reason #1: The Way to Prosperity is Not President Bashing but Creating Your Own American Dream

However tempted you may be to blame your external environment for things that are not working out for you, the truth is that the BEST way to make your life better make your life better.

(Revolutionary, I know, but the truth is that you have much more control over your life than you could ever imagine)

The energy that you spent on a Facebook post talking about how a government entity has wronged you or taking the time to argue with someone about their political beliefs could be the time spent..oh I don’t know, building your own career, creating a new side business, making new connections, beginning a new relationship, etc.

If you’ve ever complained about not having enough time, cutting out the negativity and time spent trying to convince others or arguing is definitely the time that you could use to build your dream—because let’s face it, once you make your dreams happen, and you do become the successful immigrant you were meant to be, there’s much less to complain about!

Reason #2: There is ONLY now

However much we’d like to think about how our whole lives are ahead of us, the truth is that our time on this planet is limited.

You can plan out your 5 years or you can plan out your next 5 minutes

There really is never a PERFECT time to do anything.

When I started my career coaching I had no contacts and no money.

Started anyway, and 2 years later it has helped hundreds of successful immigrants with their job search.

Whenever I talk to any of my clients who struggle with networking, their fear is always somewhere along the lines of not being ready or it not being the right time, but the truth is that they were fearful of potential failure—once we got clear on the fact that even just ONE contact would help them get a job, they were well on their way and were able to get the positions they truly wanted.

Reason #3: Letting Circumstances Dictate Your Life is a Horrible Way to Live

Let’s not mince words here.

To constantly complain and constantly blame others for what is YOUR life may be easy, but also immature.

Do you really want to hand your life to somebody else?

Do you want to blame your parents for the fact they didn’t give birth or raise you in the US?

Do you want to blame your accent for lack of career success?

Do you REALLY want to look back at your life and say “damn I wish I had just followed my dreams”?

Because to me that’s the saddest thing to experience of all—to have the chance to live your American Dream and to waste it.

I’ve talked to too many Uber drivers who happened to be PhDs in their home countries.

I’ve talked to too many masters international students who have doubts about how they can use their skills.

I’ve talked to too many people who had let fear and doubt stop them in their dreams.

Which is why I want you to know that NOW is the best time to create your American Dream.

The question is, will you say yes to your dreams?