Calling For an Oil Spill Band-Aid of Epic Proportions (VIDEO)

This morning, as we watched a YouTube video called "Yours Truly, BP" one of my kids asked "Is that oil going to stay in the ocean forever, Mom?"
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This morning, as we watched a You Tube video called "Yours Truly, BP" one of my kids asked, "Is that oil going to stay in the ocean forever, Mom?"

"No." I immediately replied. "We'll clean it up, I promise."

And there I was. On record. Doing what moms do best. Promising to make things better and clean up the mess.

And then we watched the YouTube clip again.

And I realized that it's going to take a Band-Aid of epic proportions to help heal this one, so I am calling on you for a little help.

Given that BP seems to only be making matters worse, that spraying more toxic chemicals into our already toxic ocean seems like an increasingly bad idea, and that moms save the world (at least in the eyes of our little people), I can't help but think that we need all moms on deck (or anyone with a mom), and I suspect that between the lot of us, that we could submitcreative, wild, serious, brilliant and innovative ideas and solutions for cleaning up this mess. Should we put them in "time-out"? Confiscate their toys? Cancel their allowance? Revoke their subsidies?

While BP externalizes the costs of this toxic spill in an effort to fulfill their fiduciary duty to their shareholders, we are all stakeholders on this planet.

And together, through our combined intellect, passion and talents, we can create the solution