McCrory's Munchausen by Proxy


Pat McCrory has been dissembling on his Facebook page tonight:


Pat McCrory rushed to sign HB 2 creating the danger of losing massive federal funding and on his Facebook page now claims to be the hero because the President sensibly doesn't pull funding while the DOJ defeats McCrory in court, while unlike McCrory the President doesn't throw the people of North Carolina under the bus. This seems a classic case of Munchausen by Proxy to me. McCrory deliberately hurts what he's been entrusted to guard and then pretends to come to the rescue.

Of course, like the people of McCrory's home state of Ohio, most North Carolinians once fully informed are too intelligent to fall for that kind of nonsense. McCrory is swirling and it's hard to see how Republican party leaders haven't just abandoned him to finish the job of flushing himself (pun intended). Shame on him. McCrory should claim responsibility for his mess and fix it. This includes fixing the employment protections for hardworking North Carolinians that he stripped with HB 2 and that once protected North Carolina workers from discrimination on account of race, religion, color, national origin, age, sex or handicap. Since some still don't believe he stripped these state-law protections and since much of the media incredibly continues to ignore this, I'm once more posting the link to HB 2. Here it is. The stripping language is the underlined language in Section 143-422.3 on page 4. I hope people will take the time to read the whole bill--it's not a hard read. However, It is hard to see how the bathroom portion which lacks penalties or enforcement mechanisms (and which takes up only Part 1 of a 5-part bill) can be more than a gimmick to cover the real attack on workers' rights contained in remaining portions the bill. Again, shame on Pat McCrory.