Calling the GOP Debate 'Substantive' Doesn't Make It Less Crazy

If you were watching the GOP debates last night, you may have noticed something missing. There was no screaming; none of the candidates were insulting other candidates; there was a level of civility; and the commentators, pundits, and even some audience members opined on the "substantive nature" of last night's debate. After all, none of the four candidates actually pulled their pants down at any time during the show.

And while the exchanges may have appeared to be ripe with substance as they delved into serious and concerning topics like the economy, Social Security, trade, the environment, education, defense spending, and climate change, among other things, it was far from being substantive.

As Ezra Klein from Vox put it:

But the things the candidates actually said were, by turns, wrong, misleading, misinformed, confused, or ridiculous. This substantive debate mostly showed how weak a grasp on the issues the candidates actually have.

In one glaring example, Marco Rubio responded to a question on climate change by saying "as far as a law that we can pass in Washington to change the weather, there's no such thing."

That's an incredibly ignorant comment to make on a national stage that in fact shows complete lack of forethought and leadership from a politician who was supposed to be the reasonable one.

When pressed by the moderator on whether climate change was real, Rubio said, "I would say there's no law we could pass that would have an impact on that." A comment that is completely and totally false.

The point that needs to be made and is often missed, when it comes to the utterances from the right-wing crazy train, is that the presidency is a real job and requires the person to fill that job to live in reality.

Tony Trupiano and I discuss the debate, the candidates' responses, and as an added bonus, at least to me, Senator Elizabeth Warren's appearance on Rachel Maddow last night, during which she eviscerates the GOP obstruction in a lengthy rant.

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