Calling This Jerry Lewis Interview A 'Trainwreck' Is Polite

At age 90, the comedian proves you're never too old to be difficult.

The Hollywood Reporter called its sit-down with comedian Jerry Lewis the “most painfully awkward interview of 2016.

Man, the trade publication wasn’t kidding.

Watch what is supposed to be a look at an entertainer thriving in his 90s plunge into celebrity hell.

In the clip, posted Monday, the 90-year-old Lewis essentially stonewalls his interviewer with one-word answers that often include “why?” And when he does actually string together a few words, they’re usually not very revealing.

The Hollywood Reporter noted that Lewis has a reputation for being difficult. He seemed agitated when the crew arrived and complained about the equipment. But a pro like him surely has dealt with worse?

If anyone is going to appreciate what THR called a “trainwreck” of an interview, it’s the French. They love Lewis no matter what.

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