This year, longtime Nothing But Nets Champion, Stephen Curry, hung out with President Obama. They talked about issues that inspired Obama, like mentorship, and those that inspired Steph, like #CallYourShot. You might have seen "Call Your Shot" challenge on social media, where Steph posted a video of him calling -- and making -- a trick shot. But he's calling more than just a basketball shot; he is calling his shot to end one of the deadliest diseases in the world -- malaria.

Every two minutes, a child dies from malaria. The #CallYourShot campaign is driven by the conviction that we can end this preventable disease in my generation. I believe that no child should die from a mosquito bite, so that anything we can do to increase awareness and combat this disease is important.

Many of you might be wondering what does this campaign have to do with malaria? Well, the way the Nothing But Nets set up this challenge is that -- all you need to do is film yourself calling -- and making -- your most creative or outrageous trick shot and challenge your friends, family or co-workers to do the same. And then go here to donate.

So who has called their shot?

Some of the few big names are President Obama, Shaquille O'Neal and Steph, of course.

This feels like a challenge that could easily go viral. The main objective of many campaigns is to be shared and spreadable, so that individuals' videos can increase awareness and drive action. That is exactly what this campaign is doing. Steph is using his platform and his status as the most popular basketball player and a global celebrity for good. What he is doing is inspiring. And it makes me want to be better.

I hope you call your shot too. To read more about Call Your Shot, check out today's World Malaria Day statement from Chris Helfrich.