Calm Your Baby In Seconds With Dr. Robert Hamilton's Quick Trick

It's like a miracle, only better.

Could it really be this easy?

Dr. Robert Hamilton of Pacific Ocean Pediatrics in Santa Monica has a technique he says can calm most crying babies almost instantly.

Hamilton showed off his baby-calming method in a video on YouTube with two little ones that were extra-cranky after receiving shots. Amazingly, the technique not only worked -- it worked within seconds.

First, fold the baby's arms across the chest:

Secure the arms and hold the chin with one hand, while using your dominant hand to hold the baby's bottom:

Then gently rock the baby at a 45-degree angle for some instant calm:

"Everything you do is very gentle," Hamilton explains in the video. "You don't want to do jerky motions ever."

The technique works best on babies up to 2 to 3 months old, Hamilton said. After that, they become too heavy to hold securely in the position seen in the video.

He also said to hold the child with the "fleshy part" of your hands and not your fingertips, and it's important to keep the baby forward at a 45-degree angle -- otherwise, the child might throw his or her head back and you could lose your grip.

Hamilton said if your baby doesn't calm down, it could be because he or she is hungry or sick.

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