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Calm Your Mind; Reclaim Your Life

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I'm late... Again!
How does my (home, office, purse) get so messy?
I'm too (busy, frazzled, wired) to (go to the gym! Cook dinner! Sleep!)!
What did I do with my (Book! Phone! Checkbook!)?
Where are my (Keys! Glasses! Gloves!)?
#@*%?!!... !

What Can You to Organize Yourself Right Now?
Recognizing and naming the frenzy that many of us encounter daily can actually be addressed by asking yourself these questions:
  • If you woke up in the middle of the night, what would keep you from falling back to sleep?
  • What challenges come up with this issue?
  • What would a "dream come true" look like that you would do or pay anything for?

A quick Google search for "organize your life" will result in articles that promise a solution in a range from 3 to 40 ways. 40 ways! Really? In this era of information overload, we're often, not ADHD, but BBTL -- Bewildered by Today's Life.

Really organized people are not born organized. Organizing is a skill, and anyone can learn it. The best way requires finding your specific style. What works for me may not be the best approach for you.

How Can You Reclaim Your Life?
What you really need is a desire to get rid of the things that don't make you happy and a few guidelines to gain control and order in your day. Look at the bigger picture and explore two or three possible goals.
  • What is causing the most distress for you right now? And pay attention to this; the answer may surprise you.
  • What was working well, or better than now, when you were handling this in the past?
  • What results would be the most valuable to you?

It might be helpful to review my blog post on creating habits: Whole-Hearted Habits. Remember that changing your behavior takes time.

Succeed by Doing One Thing at a Time.
Success is not only possible when you access your existing skills and talents, aptitudes and mindset; it is inevitable. Take time to plan and visualize what you want your solution to look like.

When you set specific goals instead of relying on self-control, you employ your ability to design and develop habits that result in increasing self-acceptance and self-confidence, and strengthen your ability to detach from self-defeating ideas, paper, things, thoughts, etc.

Health and Wellness Coaching
It may help to look for support to develop successful strategies that monitor your organizational needs. A lifestyle approach means making time daily for meaningful self-organizing. Additionally, it's important to look at self-organizing as a creative, responsive part of life, as essential to good health as eating and exercise.

Health and Wellness Coaching isn't about being shown the error of your ways... it's about rediscovering the strengths you already have to use to manage your life. Contact me through Audacious-Aging.NYC®, to get started with wellness coaching through Skype.

Together we can explore ways to meet your goals for improved healthy well-being. I will work with you to make it easier for you recognize and achieve the best you are capable of being; inspiring an active, healthy, and vital life, now and tomorrow.