With 'No Matter What,' Singer Calum Scott Shares 'Liberating Tale' Of Coming Out

The "Britain's Got Talent" star says his new song explores "the relationship between parent and child and acceptance as a whole."

When it comes his music, Calum Scott has always proudly worn his heart on his sleeve. His latest single, however, could be his most personal yet. 

The “Britain’s Got Talent” veteran opens up about his journey toward living authentically in “No Matter What,” released Nov. 9. The song’s accompanying music video, viewed above, shows a younger Scott being bullied and ostracized by his peers as he struggles to accept that he’s gay. His family, however, embrace him by the song’s conclusion, reminding him that they love him “no matter what.” 

“It’s a song born from loneliness and the heartbreaking but liberating tale of my coming out experience,” the singer-songwriter said in a statement. “What I love about this song is that it isn’t just limited to a story of sexual identity, but about the relationship between parent and child and acceptance as a whole.”

The new tune appears on a special edition of Scott’s debut album, “Only Human,” which hits retailers and streaming platforms Nov. 30. 

Scott, 30, first made international waves in 2016 with his piano-driven cover of Robyn’s “Dancing on My Own,” which has received more than 309 million views on YouTube.

He continued to make a name for himself in the U.S. with performances on “Good Morning America,” “Late Night with Seth Meyers” and, most recently, “Dancing With The Stars.” 

The album “is all about the fact that we’re one human race and we can’t help how we feel, we can’t help who we fall in love with,” Scott, who recently wrapped a U.S. tour with Pentatonix, told HuffPost in April. “Just celebrate who you are and be happy with you are. Take all the ups and downs together, as you’re only human.”