'Calvin & Hobbes' Animated By Adam Brown Of 'Ugly Americans' (VIDEO)

The comic strip "Calvin & Hobbes" has never seen an authorized animation for one reason: Its creator, Bill Watterson, has refused several lucrative offers to bring the strip out of the newspaper pages and anthologies. (No, the "pissing Calvin" decal isn't a legit product.)

But animator Adam Brown (Comedy Central's "Ugly Americans") created this fan-made cartoon adaptation of a "Calvin & Hobbes" Sunday strip using Watterson's own artwork, sans voice actors.

The famously reclusive Watterson has been defiantly against allowing his work to be published online without his authorization, but since he ended the strip in 1995, the Internet has rapidly expanded and become harder to regulate. If you're reading, Mr. Watterson, please let new generations of fans learn about one of the best comic strips of all time.

Click over to Splitsider to see the original strip this animation is based on.

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