Calvin Harris And Zayn Malik Feud Over Taylor Swift's Desire To Get Paid For Her Work

There are no winners here.

Oh to be young and famous and entertain yourself by squabbling on Twitter.

Taylor Swift's boyfriend Calvin Harris stuck up for his lady love and all the struggling musicians out there after former One Direction member Zayn Malik retweeted an account (the original tweet was from the handle @FemaleTexts, which has since been deleted, however the same tweet has been reproduced by a number of other accounts) that highlighted the differences between Swift and Miley Cyrus when it came to making money.

Those differences being that Swift wants to be paid for her work, while Cyrus seems to have suddenly decided she's made all the money she could possibly need and said that she would release her next album for free.

Harris saw the tweet, or more accurately the retweet, as a dig at Swift and rushed to defend his sweetheart:

And because no one ever backs down from the opportunity to get in an argument on Twitter, Malik, 22, responded, of course:

Harris seemed amused by Malik's tweets and responded, "lol," to his suggestion that he calm his knickers. The 31-year-old producer appeared to issue an apology to the former boy band member, writing, "@zaynmalik all good, it was the quote not you personally mate," but then he quickly followed up with this tweet, leading us to believe none of it was that sincere:

So who won? Does it even matter? No. The answer is no.

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