This Vine Of Calvin Johnson After The Packers Won Is Internet Gold

Sometimes, comedy comes out of sadness.

After his Detroit Lions fell victim to the one of the craziest finishes of the NFL season Thursday night, there was nothing left for wide receiver Calvin Johnson to do but sink to his knees and mourn the missed call, the Hail Mary pass and the Lions’ sad, inevitable fate.

Johnson’s reaction to Aaron Rodgers’ game-winning heave was sad, but also really funny -- and as it is wont to do, the Internet took advantage of Johnson’s sorrow, creating a series of Vines, captions and memes mocking the Lions for being, well, the Lions. Watch these with your volume up. Trust us. 

🎵 🎶  Don't let yourself go, 'cause everybody cries / And everybody hurts sometimes 🎶 🎵


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