Geometric Sand Castles Like You've Never Seen Before (PHOTOS)

Most sand castles mimic the architectural style of royal castles from the renaissance era, but we recently stumbled upon one sculptor with a new perspective.

Calvin Seibert uses geometric shapes as inspiration for his abstract sand creations. Using an assortment of triangles, circles, squares, and oblong figures, he constructs detailed castles with simply beach sand and water.

Seibert molds irregular shapes and then stacks them in creative ways, making each creation distinctive of his unique style.

"Once I begin building and forms take shape, I can start to see where things are going and either follow that road or attempt to contradict it with something unexpected. In my mind they are always mash-ups of influences and ideas. I see a castle, a fishing village, a modernist sculpture, a stage set for the oscars all at once," writes Seibert on his Flickr page.

Here are more examples of Seibert's impressive geometric castles: