Notre Dame's Cam McDaniel Is One Ridiculously Photogenic Running Back (PHOTO)


We don't know about you, but when we play sports, we never, ever look like this:

cam mcdaniel

That's Cam McDaniel. He's a running back for the University of Notre Dame and yes, somehow, despite being pulled (helmetless!) into a dog pile during an Oct. 19 game against the University of Southern California, he looks like a movie star -- all smoldering eyes and charming half-smiles.

The Internet, so far, seems to have fallen for him.

Having already inspired a meme of his own, it looks like the newly minted Ridiculously Photogenic Running Back is going to give Ridiculously Photogenic Marathon Guy and Ridiculously Photogenic Jiu Jitsu Guy a run for their money.

We sure hope McDaniel is ready for Internet superstardom.

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