Sports Writer Shares Racist Letter About Cam Newton

" ... Do yourself a favor and stay away from them as much as possible."

Cam Newton received a lot of hate during his MVP season. Some of it was arguably a result of generational differences, but the racial factor certainly played a significant role as well.

On Saturday, Newsday's Jets beat writer Kimberly Martin shared some proof of that in the form a letter she received from a reader. The letter contained hateful, racist language about Cam Newton and black people in general.

In the letter Martin posted to Twitter, slurs are tossed around a number of times along with horrible stereotypes and lazy comparisons.

Martin explained to her followers that the hateful language in the letter, unfortunately, doesn't surprise her. These points of view, she said, are more prevalent than people may think. Posting the letter, she tweeted, is "a reminder that racism, bigotry + prejudice are still rampant."

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