This One Tweet Encapsulates How Much Harder We Are On Black Quarterbacks

A double standard, perfectly summarized.
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For as long as the sport of football has been around, black quarterbacks have faced harsher criticism and have been handed shorter leashes than their white peers -- a clear double standard that continues to plague the sport.

If you don't believe us, just look at how the fans and media have treated two of the league's top quarterbacks this season: The Carolina Panthers' Cam Newton and the New England Patriots' Tom Brady. Twitter user @IAmSpilly perfectly encapsulated their differing situations in a single tweet.

On Tuesday, New England Patriots' Tom Brady went on WEEI Radio to say that he was going to stand by Donald Trump no matter how many racist, offensive things the Republican presidential hopeful said. "Donald is a good friend of mine,” Brady continued. “I have known him for a long time. I support all my friends." People found it outrageous, but few people were outraged. The overwhelming response was one of amusement.

Meanwhile, when Newton danced after a touchdown, it led to an angry national conversation about whether he could be considered a role model, capped off with an editorial from an enraged mom saying that she would rather have her 9-year-old daughter watch cheerleaders than Cam Newton dancing. There were countless television segments covering "dancegate" and ESPN's Skip Bayless said the dance was "a little much for a franchise quarterback."

It's soooooo nice to see that the outrage stays consistent across the board.

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