Cambridge University Students' 'Rear Of The Year' Contest Stirs Up Scandal

It may be one of the most prestigious colleges on the planet but Cambridge University students aren't averse to some low-brow stunts.

A student newspaper is arousing controversy with its "Rear of the Year" competition, which features photos of scantily-clad women in lingerie showing off their posteriors, reports the Telegraph.

And women's rights groups are outraged, complaining that the university's female students are being portrayed as "sex objects" rather than as bright minds.

Editors at the Tab have defended the contest against charges of sexism by pointing out that the paper holds a similar competition for men.

But that explanation doesn't impress Ruth Graham, an officer of the Cambridge University Student Union. "The Tab's supposed nod at equality of objectification, by producing a men's 'rear of the year' story, is evidently superficial, given that whilst the women are featured wearing lingerie, the men are featured urinating and cooking," she told the Telegraph.

Not surprisingly, school administrators are not amused. "We can't stop what they're doing but it would be fair to say we don't approve of it," a university source told the Daily Mail. "It is not the kind of image we would want to project."