This iPhone Case Does Away With The Worst Part Of Selfies

This iPhone Case Does Away With The Worst Part Of Selfies

You know the dumb-looking half-arm thing that happens when you take a selfie? If you don't know what we're talking about, it looks a little like this...

selfie arm

Well, there's now a way to do away with this photo-ruining forearm: an unofficial new iPhone case called CaseCam that doubles as a tripod of sorts. That's right, no more holding the phone while taking photos with your friends.

That little mirror in the photos above holds your phone up, serving as the tripod. The camera is then essentially taking a photo of the mirror, which is pointed at you.

Maybe you're thinking something along the lines of "That's all well and good, but my iPhone's camera app doesn't have a timer function." No problemo, dear reader. CaseCam also comes with a free app that has a built-in timer.

Plus, if your friend also has the app, you can connect your two phones via WiFi and see yourself on the second phone. That way you can control the camera remotely and make sure you're looking fabulous. Did we just blow your mind?

Here's what it looks like when you view a potential photo on the app.

Unfortunately, the case only works if you can find a surface of the appropriate height on which to place your phone. And that is harder than you might think.

As it goes with basically every idea not backed by a major corporation these days, CaseCam currently has a Kickstarter page. The current plan is to make CaseCam for iPhone 5 and 5S. But if the campaign reaches its goal of raising $25,000 before August 21 -- it's currently at a little more than $7,600 -- the team will make them for more phones. The case will set you back $40 once the campaign is over.